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We are so very proud of our suppliers, the team spends a lot of time finding the right people with a similar mindset to our own.

We talk, we taste, we visit and once we are convinced they believe in sustainability, ethical values and care for their environment, we get very excited! So we wanted to share with you a little bit about why we think they are so great!!



We love bees!!  We love honey, we love gin.  This was a match made in heaven.  These guys supply us with a premium range of spirits, with all the profits reinvested in their bee colonies.  They have created a “bee forest”, a pollinator-friendly planting scheme to promote biodiversity.

Drink gin, help the bees, save the planet!

Look out for the soon to be iconic bottle on our bar.  We are very excited to be a part of their venture.



We focus on natural, organic and highly sustainable vineyards when we select our wines.  They have to be of a stunning quality and the growers and producers have to show a passion for sustainability and the local ecosystem.  Whilst we work directly with some suppliers (more on them later) for all our non-UK wines we work with Les Caves De Pyrene.

Like us, they believe in promoting ‘natural’ wines, wines that are an expression of their winemaker and their homeland.  Made by hand with minimal chemical intervention, and where the wine making shows respect for the environment.



Missing Bean are an independent, Oxford-based coffee shop and supplier. They are committed to sourcing the best specialty coffee beans directly from sustainable farms around the world with the mission of providing the highest quality coffee beans in the UK, while being ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

Our Peruvian coffee is produced by Guillermo Cotrina in the Chilchos Valley in Peru. Buying from him directly, supports him and his local community. By buying a cup of coffee you are encouraging sustainable farming and trading methods, as well as helping towards educating the next generation with these ethical methods.



Our tonics and ginger beer are produced by this Eden project partnered company.  A share of their profits are returned to the bio domes to help support people, planet and sustainable practices as well as profit.  Created using Cornish Spring water their philosophy is that no matter the industry, sustainability and impact should be taken seriously at every stage.

Sharing the Eden projects aims in exploring “how people can work together – and with nature – towards a better future”



Our Still and Sparkling water is supplied by Belu, a social enterprise that is carbon neutral and give 100% of thier profits to the charity WaterAid, meaning a great water story.  It is British mineral water in lightweight ethical glass.  

Their mission statement really is one to behold; reducing carbon emissions, support water stewardship projects, working towards a circular economy.  Powered by a clear purpose, they invest their profits in making a difference and have the goal that by 2030, they will change the way the world sees water.

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